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I have brown hair, brown eyes. My favorite color is black. I am cheeky and sometimes weird. I like to make movies, books, and woodwork. I am working towards to becoming a writer. I also like reading DC and Marvel Comic books. Favorite Band: Newsboys! They rock! Favorite person: JESUS! Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Marvel movie's (aka: Spider Man, Iron Man 1) Doctor Who

Leaving Kununurra

By Daniel

This morning we all got up and cleaned and tidied and got reay for our trip!  And yes, today is the day!  We left around 9.45am.  We were supposed to leave earlier, much earlier, but Dad had work to finish before we left.

We are ready to go…

We spent about 8.5 hours driving from Kununurra to Darwin.  it was …. not too bad, and that is surprising for I ormally get sick after a while.  but this time, to my joy, I could sit in the middle of the car!  I normally sit in the back and get squashed by all the suitcases!   But Josh wasn’t with us this drive, as he was already in Darwin, so I didn’t have to sit in the back.

One of our favourite spots of scenery as we drive to Darwin – Edge of the Kimberley

We got to our friends in Darwin around 7.30 NT time.  They had a very good lasagne for us for dinner.

I am writing this at the Darwin airport, waiting for our plane to land so we can get on.  Josh is sleeping next to me.  We are all very excited about landing in a new country.