This blog is called {It’s} Not a Holiday as that has become our family catch cry whenever we talk about our up and coming trip.  We don’t want to be thinking this is a relaxing get away.  We will be on the move and we will be learning.  So “It’s not a holiday” – it’s a learning adventure.

Let me introduce you to our family:

We live in the Kimberly region of Western Australia –  unique and outback part of Australia.  We live on a small farm where we grow Sandalwood trees.

Peter:  He works as a vet – he flies across huge distances to serve the cattle properties.

Belinda:  I am a stay at home mum, I homeschool our kids, I enjoy writing, scrapbooking and would love to get back to sewing.

Joshua: our eldest son – he is now studying history and politics with Open University Australia (an external studies university)

Jessica:  is taking a gap year, filling her days with the things that she is interested and passionate about

Naomi and Daniel are both homeschooled.  Naomi is enjoying the local amateur drama group this year.  Daniel has enjoyed making rafts for our dam, reading, writing stories, and the wii!

One of the foundational ideas that we live by is that learning is a lifestyle – that learning happens wherever you are and whenever and whatever you do.  We learn day in and day out.  Learning also is a lifelong pursuit – it doesn’t stop at the end of highschool.  Learning is something we treasure, something we pursue.   This is another reason this trip is not a holiday.  A holiday is a time you just relax and yes, though we are sure you will learn something, learning isn’t a main priority.  This time away for our family has a few main objectives.

  • To be together – to strengthen our relationships as we build memories
  • To learn – To see God’s world and how man has interacted with it and each other over the years.
  • As we reflect on history to think about God’s truths and how they relate to us today
  • To see God’s Creation – and to marvel!

We are looking forward to this time.  We’ve spent months in preparation – not only the travel plan thing, but also preparing our children with knowledge of the areas we are to see.  I hope that I have tickled their imaginations, given them enough to be interested and yet not too much so they are still asking questions.

Travel is more than seeing of sights,

it’s a change that goes on,

deep and permanent,

in the ideas of the living.

~ Miriam Beard


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    • Wow!! thank you very much. Unfortunately, as for following the award rules and nominating some others – we have pretty much removed ourselves from much online activity while we are away but we would love to think about this and pass it on when we get back home. Thank you for your encouragement.

      • Sure! I thought it looked like the kind of thing your kiddos would enjoy. Love that they are involved in posting. I so want this sort of education for my kids. (and myself!)

      • You are so right – as I am involved in the education of my kids I am learning so much myself. Not just with this trip but in day to day life and studies too.

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