Well that is that….

We are well and truly back home and into all that our normal life holds:  housework, friends, church activities, sport, drama, and craft.  But we need to say goodbye to this blog.

As soon as we stepped out of the airport in Darwin we knew we were home.  Not just Australia but the north – it feels different.  Naomi reckons the friendly drunk helped!!  But that is a whole ‘nuther story!!  We spent a day in Darwin doing a bit of shopping and catching up with friends (and getting over a bit of jetlag).   We then had a 10 hour drive home.  About ½ way the scenery changes and we change the music (to our Kimberley Music) and the kids start to get a little silly!!  We stopped by to take this photo to mark our return to the Kimberley.

This is what we are used to! It is home!

Blogging our adventure as a family added to our travelling experience and we thank those who commented though we know there were many other friends – both online friends and in real life friends, not to mention both old and new friends, as well as family following us.  I know there were a few families who used our travels as a kick start for talking about things to their kids – history, art, beliefs and personalities of long ago. I think that was just great.

What next for us?  One thing that was confirmed to us while we were away is that friendships are really important to us – we need to make sure that our lifestyle makes room for this priority.  Pete will continue working as a vet on the cattle stations, Belinda continues to be a stay at home mum, Josh picks up his uni studies though he has a few travelling commitments that will take him out of Kununurra, Jess has projects coming out of her ears!! And will start some online studies shortly, Naomi has won the part of “Dodger” in a local production of Oliver so that will take up a lot of her free time, Daniel has started Taekwondo. Naomi and Daniel continue to homeschool.  So life really does go on… skills grow and new interests form.

On the homeschooling front our main focus will be everyone working on their own photo album reflecting on our adventure.   This will incorporate their photos and journals so they have a permanent record of all that they saw and did.  In fact I’m encouraging everyone (even Peter) to do an album of their own.

Everyone except Peter will continue with blogging though we are trying to convince Pete to start a blog of his own but he’s not sure he’d have much to say after working in the cattle yards all day!

If you would like to keep in touch with our blogs you’ll find us here:






Thanks for joining us and can I leave you with a thought… regardless of what adventure you find yourself on today…. Live life with your kids!

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About Belinda Letchford

Belinda and her huband, Peter, live in the far north-west of Australia on a small farm. They have four adult children whom they homeschooled right the way through. Over this time Belinda has taught and supported women both face to face and online. Her heart is to encourage families to be intentional, relational and heart focused in all areas of family living. She continues to do this in her new season of life – as her kids leave home one by one leaving her with more time.

5 thoughts on “Well that is that….

  1. It’s been fun following your adventure – thanks for taking the time to share it with us all!! Can’t wait till I can get a Kimberley photo like yours with my family.

  2. What a privilege to have ‘travelled with you’ and learned so much from all of you. We loved hearing from each family member with all your different writing styles and much humour along the way:) Thanks for sharing. The ‘home’ photo is a real treasure and we thank you for sharing ‘all that’ with us!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us! It’s been so much fun to see all of the pictures and hear all of the fun stories…not to mention the history we’ve learned in the process 😀

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