Finishing on a High

In my earlier blog titled “Over the Top” I left you with the thought that the train trip over the Alps would be hard to bet. Actually being playing in the snow and walking across and into the glaciers on the top of Mount Titlis at 10000 feet as Naomi has already blogged would have to challenge the train for this title! Being actually on top of one of the highest peaks surrounded my numerous peaks embracing glaciers gave an even more amazing view for low level desert dwellers like ourselves.

Over the next few days I found myself staring at the beautiful scenery just soaking it in. Each day around mid morning colourful para-gliders would gather over the mid level peaks swarming in circles chasing thermals that would carry them higher and further up the surrounding peaks. If they couldn’t find a thermal, a slow but graceful descent into the beautiful valley and over the village of Engelberg could hardly be described as a let down (excuse the pun).

Needless to say by our last day I succumbed and went for my first Para-glider flight (Tandem of course!) When we started our trip with a hot-air balloon over the fairy chimneys in Cappadocia why not finish it off with a Para-glider flight in the Swiss Alps!


5 thoughts on “Finishing on a High

  1. The adventurers are back in the of oz. Well you did such a good of sharing your trip I dont think I need to go . I did enjoy reading your accounts of places ,food and history. Para -gliding looks like you get a good as a view as a gyro without the noise Pete!Trust you are manageing to settle back into normal life? It did look like you had a great time. Russ

    • Thanks Russ Glad to hear you enjoyed reading our blog. It was a good discipline for us to do this and helped us reflect on each day and not only was a great way to share so much with those who were interested it has also given a record of the journey for ourselves too. Got home Friday. Saturday was spent seeing house sitters off. Church and catching up with friends today. So Monday will be getting equipment drugs car and plane organised and ready. Then the office. What happening your end. Anything in the shed yet. Dad is going to go ahead with heart op which if all goes well should give him more endurance. Don’t like the stroke risk he has at the moment and got the impression this surgery would reduce probability of this. At his age the surgery would have to carry higher risks. Keep in touch Peter

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