Engelburg, Switzerland

We have had the bestest of times in Engelburg and we thank our friends from Kununurra for recommending it to us. Our friends actually went to school in Engelburg and small world that it is, we met one of their teachers while BBQ’ing our dinner!

Switzerland was for us a time of rest and a time to simply enjoy God’s creation – a time to stop from the rush and to take time to pause from all the thinking we’d been doing – or maybe time to reflect.

We could not have chosen a better place. As you have seen from Peter’s post on the Bernina Express train ride, that we saw some amazing country travelling to Engelburg. The day we arrived though was cloudy and overcast – so much so that you couldn’t see the mountains behind our motel.

Our motel was just lovely – it was like staying in someone’s home – welcoming, personal and cosy!  We enjoyed their outdoor area, including their BBQ, for most of the days we were there.

As the kids have already blogged, the first day we headed for the snow.  We couldn’t have chosen a better day.  It was not freezing and yet the sky was clear – the following days were hazy and even hotter (for Switzerland that is!!)

We had the one day of activity and then a few days of inactivity – though Peter had his own little adventure which I hope he’ll blog about.

On our last night in Switzerland we sat over dinner reflecting on our individual highlights.  Even though much of our trip seems surreal we could all list a few highlights from each country.

  • The hot-air balloon over the fairy chimneys
  • The catacombs and underground city
  • Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Walking the ruins in Rome
  • Gondoliers in Venice
  • The Renaissance Art tour
  • The list could go on….

As Peter and I went to sleep we feel like we’ve met our expectations or objectives:

  • It has been a memorable experience we’ve had as a family,
  • each one of us has been exposed to a wider world, we’ve talked about our place in that world,
  • we’ve talked lots about the history of the church, and how that has affected society
  • we’ve talked about the impact of people’s beliefs on culture and how our beliefs need to affect our life and culture
  • we’ve talked about issues that affect our growing up children like further training and employment, dating and marriage, learning difficulties and relating to one another

I am sure that we will see the impact of our journey together show up in many different ways over the coming months.

As we head home, we are looking forward to the ‘normality’ of life – of cooking, of waking up in the same bed, of seeing our friends and making phone calls to our parents!

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About Belinda Letchford

Belinda and her huband, Peter, live in the far north-west of Australia on a small farm. They have four adult children whom they homeschooled right the way through. Over this time Belinda has taught and supported women both face to face and online. Her heart is to encourage families to be intentional, relational and heart focused in all areas of family living. She continues to do this in her new season of life – as her kids leave home one by one leaving her with more time.

4 thoughts on “Engelburg, Switzerland

  1. I thought that wood stack was a wall! That sounds like such a nice way to finish your time in Europe. And the mountains are very beautiful!

  2. I think your pictures and stories of Switzerland are exactly as I remember it. Just one of those places that looks exactly like you would imagine only better!! I have enjoyed watching your journey. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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