Aussies in Switzerland in Snow

As a small part in our BIG day on the seventeenth we went out as a family to go tobogganing. Which is (for those who don’t know) sliding down a snowy slope on little plastic bowls or seats. Fun very, it was. Even mum did it at least five times, she was a real trooper and had a great time –her back gave her no troubles so she had a blast with the rest of us. A lot of photos and videos, a lot of crashes and collisions, a lot of calling out “INCOMMMING!” or “LOOK OOUT BELOOW!” and a lot of fun.

The snow was AWESOMENESS. It was the first snow any of us kids had been in and we were ecstatic. We were delighted (and little ditsy) to see mist coming from our mouths this morning. We probably looked like little dinosaurs or penguins exploring the world for the first time. I think we’ve earned the “Completely Tourist” award and are ready to come home.


5 thoughts on “Aussies in Switzerland in Snow

  1. Awesome photos Nomi! You look like you’re ready to take on snowboarding now! Next trip down South to visit us needs to be in winter :)xx

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