Food in Italy

To be honest we were a little disappointed with the food we found in Italy.  We found plenty of pizza and pasta – which we expected but a lot of it was fairly ordinary and we suspect made for tourists!  We also expected lots of fresh veggies and salad which were very hard to find.  In the end we decided that Turkey was the place we experienced, Italy on the other hand we just visited.

But in looking back over our photos we really did have some nice meals along the way.

Unfortunately the one meal we really enjoyed and where the food was a little different we had no cameras with us!!  Bad tourists!!   For that meal we had ravioli the size of pingpong balls, dressed with a lemony sauce with spinach and peaches – delish!  The other dishes were gnocchi and a green pasta with a cheesey sauce.  All very nice!

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About Belinda Letchford

Belinda and her huband, Peter, live in the far north-west of Australia on a small farm. They have four adult children whom they homeschooled right the way through. Over this time Belinda has taught and supported women both face to face and online. Her heart is to encourage families to be intentional, relational and heart focused in all areas of family living. She continues to do this in her new season of life – as her kids leave home one by one leaving her with more time.

8 thoughts on “Food in Italy

  1. Ha-haa, just wondering if any of you have put a few kg’s?

    I learned a long time ago that authentic Italian food looks and tastes a lot different to what we, as Aussies, experience.

    Your experience sounds spot on to me!

    So jealous of your trip 🙂

  2. Wonder if those guys who go around doing restaurant reviews work in Italy? I’d say you will be looking forward to some homecooked meals about now!!

    • yes we are thinking homecooked meals! In fact one of the reasons we chose our current motel – was so we could do our own food. Pete has done a BBQ twice now – meat, potato and salad with chocolate for dessert! Pretty good!!

  3. Thanks again for taking time out to blog about the food. I am intrigued as to why you thought there would be lots of fresh veggies and salads? Those are two things that I have never associated with Italian cooking!

    • Because they talk about it being fresh…. I guess I associate fresh with green! There were lots of veggie dishes in the cook book, just not on the menus in the places we went

      • Fresh to me means straight out of the oven and onto my plate, not Australian Roadhouse style where between those two destinations it sits in a Bains-marie for 4 hours!

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