Galileo and daVinci

On the 9th we went to Galileo Museum… So much to see! When I first went in the first thing I saw was some telescope’s. I LOVE telescope’s! I need to plead with mum and dad to get me a modern telescope for these were the old type… but I like them but you can get better one these days.

When we went down stairs we saw cool things like trick paintings, and paintings that when you look though a mirror make it look like it is coming at you, or a mirror in a shape of a pyramid making a face looking at you, or a clever wire image and all other thing like that. After we did those things, we went up stairs and looked at other things of Galileo.

Well that was all for the Galileo Museum, but later that day dad and I went in Leonardo do Vinci Museum, and saw all cool things that  Leonardo made, like his tank.

Here some photos of things I liked.

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I have brown hair, brown eyes. My favorite color is black. I am cheeky and sometimes weird. I like to make movies, books, and woodwork. I am working towards to becoming a writer. I also like reading DC and Marvel Comic books. Favorite Band: Newsboys! They rock! Favorite person: JESUS! Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Marvel movie's (aka: Spider Man, Iron Man 1) Doctor Who

5 thoughts on “Galileo and daVinci

  1. And I thought a lot of those things were new inventions! It’s interesting to see that Da Vinci thought of them that long ago.

  2. Hi Daniel – I know I commented when you first put up this blog but it must be out in cyber space. Love your stories of each invention – and Ouch I’m glad that invention aimed at the horses legs didn’t work! And I’d like to have a go on that exercise machine.

  3. These pictures are amazing Daniel. Thx for sharing them with us. We’ve been reading about
    da Vinci lately and have been looking at some of his sketches of flying machines – he sure is an amazing inventor.

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