A day off…. It’s a holiday after all

Today was a planned day of rest.  There have been times, when we’ve been overcome with all there is to see and girded with enthusiasm that we thought we would be the tourists right through our planned rest day – but we needed rest!  So we pulled up today and stayed put.

We slept in (for those of us who like to sleep in), we had a long breakfast (some of us who were up early actually had two breakfasts), we talked, read, watched the one and only English speaking TV channel!

Then we walked up around the corner to find somewhere for lunch.  We had thought our motel was a bit out of the way but  in looking for a Laundromat we went left instead of right and found we weren’t that far away from things afterall!!  Just around the corner are the Golden Arches.  Thinking we were giving our kids a treat we went there for lunch – as it turns out we are all over McDonalds (except for breakfast, chips, and sundaes).

We then walked up a bit further and found the Laundromat.  So with hand movements and smiles we managed to communicate to the Italian speaking woman running the Laundromat what help we needed.  While Jess and I waited we chatted over her up and coming birthday (18yo) and books we were reading.  Pete laid out on the floor and took a nap – the others walked home (though they tell us they jogged most of the way – so much for rest!!)

We picked up dinner on the way home – a bag full of fruit!!  A feast.

We were going to go for a swim but the pool was full of people (go figure!!) so we found a few tables in some shade and played board games till late.  The sun doesn’t go down till 9.00ish so it throws out our body clocks a little.

It was a great day and one our bodies and minds really needed – now we are ready to see the next amazing thing in Rome….


7 thoughts on “A day off…. It’s a holiday after all

  1. Sounds like you all had a great rest day – good to stop and smell the roses hey! Well there might not have been any roses in the laundromat!!!!

  2. I agree with Ham’G comment “It’s good to stop and smell the roses”. I’ve been watching some of the Olympics and your “adventure” sometimes reminds me of the “Olympics Marathon”. But maybe today reflected holiday mode after all!!!

  3. Sometimes the rest days create the fondest memories! All the same, I’m glad you’re not taking too much rest – I’m enjoying reading about your adventures! 😛

  4. I loved this post! We drove to Texas last month from Oklahoma, down to the gulf coast at Galveston and a little beach called Surfside. I’m not used to traveling like your family, so I built in automatic rest times and kept it low key. I don’t like vacation to seem like work. I’m glad you took some rest time during your adventures!

  5. Oh Take Two! Love it! Looking forward to challenging you next time we meet Nomi! So glad you had some rest and found a good dose of fruit – nothing better! Looking forward to hearing the rest of your adventures though.

  6. So glad to hear that you are half cured of that awful muck McDonalds! Time now to work on the other half! In all seriousness I am very happy to read about your day off. I needed a day off just reading all your blogs. I hope you have another one soon as well. Oh BTW – what was the outcome about Jessies 18th?

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