The man from Ironbark… in Turkey

Our guide thought that Peter should experience a turkish shave so for a few days before hand he stopped shaving just to give the barber something to work with.  We had a few hours to spare at Ephesus so after lunch we wandered off to find a barbers shop.

There was an old fella in there but he sat aside to let the ‘tourist’ have a go.  He enjoyed showing the girls what a hansome fellow he was when he was young and had hair!!

It started with a lather up,(twice actually as well as massaging it in) then out came the blade and away the barber scraped!  (It was at this point I was conscious that he still had a bead and what was I doing entrusting myself to his hands! PJL)  After one round, he opened up another blade and did it all over again (this time without the lather).  Then he wrapped some string in a fancy manner between both hands and keeping it under tension with one end in his teeth and whisped away other facial hairs. (Hard to explain, but very effective. Naomi took a video clip of it! PJL)  Next came a stick with fire on the top which burnt the ear hairs.  Then out came the scissors and trimmed up a few more – the eyebrows,  and the hair at the back of his neck.  Then a salve/oil of the shaved area and a scalp, neck, shoulder massage as well as manipulation of the arms and fingers. (And I thought I was going in for a shave,at the barbers not a visit to the masseur and chiropractor! Not that I was complaining, I was lapping it up!! PJL)  All for 10TL ($A5.50) Turkey was worth it for this reason alone! PJL)

He left it at that but sometimes the whole thing can go on for even longer apparently with more massage.    Turkish men will go to the barber 2-3 times a week, depending on their employment.

If Peter could go through this every day – he would. ( You Bet PJL)

For international readers – here’s the link to the Banjo Patterson poem The Man from Ironbark – part of Australian folklore.


5 thoughts on “The man from Ironbark… in Turkey

  1. Peter you and the barber looked like brothers!!! Are you sure we’re going to get you home after your ‘It’s not a holiday’ holiday?

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  3. So glad you got to experience that Pete – it is one of the highlights for me whenever I get to return to Thailand. Out of interest – what did it cost?

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