Ancient Rome (our first day in Rome)

When I first saw the  Colosseum it was frustrating because people kept walking in front of me when I wanted to take a photo – but this is Rome – so many people.

The Colosseum was used for games, mainly bloodthirsty games where people and animals were slaughtered while people watched.  People went to see these games every day.  The gladiators fought all types of animals but especially elephants and lions.

We also saw the Emporers Palace on top of Palentine Hill.  It was all in ruins.  Our guide told us it originally had two stories and from the second story they could see the races on the other side of the  hill which was called the Circus Maximus.

We went to the Circus Maximus and Nomi told us a little bit about Ben Hur which she had been reading.   We then acted a chariot race out on the tracks.  Though there wasn’t much left of the buildings and seats – just a brownish grass left.  Then all us kids ran around the race track – or half of it because the other half was being excavated.

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I have brown hair, brown eyes. My favorite color is black. I am cheeky and sometimes weird. I like to make movies, books, and woodwork. I am working towards to becoming a writer. I also like reading DC and Marvel Comic books. Favorite Band: Newsboys! They rock! Favorite person: JESUS! Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Marvel movie's (aka: Spider Man, Iron Man 1) Doctor Who

7 thoughts on “Ancient Rome (our first day in Rome)

  1. Hehe! Loved your ‘chariot race’ 😀 😀 😀 And that water fountain is REALLY neat, not to mention the fact that you got to see the Colosseum 🙂 Wow! Keep having lots of fun 😉

  2. I loved your photos Daniel, you must have had fun with all the action you had with your family. Standing next to the Colosseum it must have looked HUGE!!

  3. They were a bloodthirsty lot weren’t they? But they sure could build. Can you imagine how they built those places – and no modern day cranes!!

    • Our guide through the catacombs made a comment that never until the 20th c. could we demolish a building with no trace – until now people have always recycled which is why you get layer upon layer.

  4. Hello Daniel and family we are so pleased to see you are having a great time we prayed in church this morning for your safety and that you all have the adventure of your lives its a great time to spend with family we know for we are house sitting your home with our family and having a great time in Kununurra. The chooks are laying every day and Domino is a delight. God bless you all. Frank and Helen Haynes the oldies of Stuart Kathy and Christina. Love to you all

  5. Yah we finally made it to Italy! How was the trip there from Turkey? Time for me to go to Laos so I will have to pick up the comments again with the girls sitting along side me when I return in a few weeks. Internet permitting though I do hope to keep reading while I am away. Might see you in Singapore sometime soon! Don’t forget the Italian and Swiss food pics!!

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