Another food post from Turkey

Before we start blogging from Italy we need to update you with another food post from Turkey.
The one photo that I can’t seem to find is where we stopped to buy some fruit on the side of the road.  We bought fresh figs – none of us had tried them before and I think most of us liked them (though we still aren’t too fond of the dried variety!)  The stall also sold pomegranites, peaches, grapes and grapefruit.


7 thoughts on “Another food post from Turkey

    • Yes Jessica it was amazing. Though where people learn to do this I have no idea. I have never seen a class for watermelon carving, have you?!!

  1. Probably handed down from generation to generation – learnt at their mother’s knee no doubt Belinda!! Some of the food looks delicious and I’m with you – baklava would be delicious no matter whose tradition it is!

  2. Okay – the test comment worked so I will write something more now! For some reason I could not comment under the individual photos. Anyway, just loved the post! So funny as Paul asked me if the food posts were done for me and when I said yes he said they are so boring and skipped ahead! I told him that I skipped through all the ruins to find the food posts!
    I had to chuckle at the empty bowl – glad to think that you are still following instructions even though you are so far away.
    The dish you said you want to try and home looks fantastic and I want to be a tester please when you give it a crack.
    Seerung asked if any of you are getting fat yet.
    While we were reading this while Seerung was in the kitchen and she just added vinegar to her hot oil and it exploded! Flames 3 feet high! Quite scary. Ariya said it looked like the Olympic flame!

    • Yikes! there is a science topic to explore – why did it explode? Was it just contained in the pot?

      no we aren’t getting fat yet – we are walking way too much!! I think we enjoyed the Turkish food better than the Italian – though it is yummy – it is without the variety we found in Turkey. Or Ishould say – we haven’t found the variety yet. Maybe all the cafe’s are set up for what they think tourists want – pizza and pasta. One waiter said to us (and he served really really good pizza) was that Australians have the biggist population of Italians and therefore we should know Italian food – maybe that is it – we aren’t discovering anything new. We actually had delicious pasta yesterday – once again made me think that I should expand my recip base from dolmio and pasta!! ha ha.

  3. Hi Belinda – we do think alike don’t we! As soon as lunch is over the girls and I are going to google vinegar and hot oil to see what we can find!
    Interesting about the food in Italy. I hope it improves and as you explore more you get to see a better variety.
    I also think you should ditch the dolmio but once again only if I am around when you start experimenting! I am so excited about you coming home, not because I miss you but because of the new food I will get to try!

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