Backgammon in Turkey

Backgammon is a favourite game of the Turks, and it is also mine now too. It is in a box that folds up so you can  put it away easily, painted on it are 24 cone shapes. These are call doors. There are two sides, black and white, and each has 15 pieces in all. It has two dice and it is a super good game. We have a small set that we bought a few days ago. Our guide taught me it over dinner at a restaurant called Smiley, and Nomi said we all should have a smile on our face. Good thing I did for I was given a free dinner! That was the third time on this trip! I must look handsome. Anyway I ‘ve played backgammon in restaurants, boats, hotels, so that means that I could play it nearly any where! You should… sorry, need… to play it. You really should.

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About Daniel M. Letchford

I have brown hair, brown eyes. My favorite color is black. I am cheeky and sometimes weird. I like to make movies, books, and woodwork. I am working towards to becoming a writer. I also like reading DC and Marvel Comic books. Favorite Band: Newsboys! They rock! Favorite person: JESUS! Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Marvel movie's (aka: Spider Man, Iron Man 1) Doctor Who

5 thoughts on “Backgammon in Turkey

  1. I’m glad you bought your own set Daniel – another game to add to your games night back home. I like the sound of the place where you can have cay and play backgammon – I’d probably be better at drinking cay than playing backgammon!!!!

  2. An awesome post Daniel….we too enjoy playing backgammon at our place!! I think we should have more cafe’s around here (Vic, Australia) to encourage and inspire people to play games again!! We found a cafe earlier this year, along the Mornington peninsula – they had chess, which my 10 year old son loves to play – and we were there for ages playing. It was relaxed and fun. People even stopped and watched a while.
    Glad to see too, that you are feeling better!!
    Blessings, Liliane 🙂

  3. Hi Danial sounds like you are having an awesome time love ya
    send our love to the others sounds so cool keep us posted see ya cous…

  4. Hi Daniel, the girls would like to thank you for talking about Back Gammon. Perhaps you can teach me it when you get home. As for getting free meals because you are so handsome??? Definitely!!

  5. Greetings from Culemborg, Netherlands.Does your blog get a bunch of
    junk posts? I too am a blogger, and I was wanting to know about your situation.

    A group of us has taken the time to create some strategies and we wish to trade ideas with fellow bloggers.
    Why not shoot me an e-mail if interested?

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