Back in Istanbul

Another Emperor depicted as offering to Jesus

We arrived back in Istanbul yesterday afternoon – said goodbye to our driver and guide.  It was like saying goodbye to friends.  We hope to stay in touch with our guide in particular – it was a bit harder to get to know our driver as he didn’t speak much English but our guide did.

After resting and refreshing in our motel we ventured out to find dinner.  Oh how tempting it was to find comfortable western food but we also knew it would be a lost opportunity so we headed to a restaurant we ate at when we were here 2 weeks ago and enjoyed another round of Turkish food.

This morning Daniel woke up sick!  So we tweaked our plans a bit with  Peter staying  home with him and the other kids and I headed off to Hagia Sofia.  This is one location I really wanted to see.  I found a self guided walking tour online, downloaded it to my Kindle and we were set.  We had a great morning.  The guide became a bit like a treasure hunt – though the instructions were simple sometimes we had to hunt for the treasure they were pointing out.

The Hagia Sophia was huge – amazing – incredible!  We walked in and the first thing we saw was this high roof, a beautiful mosaic and we weren’t even in the main part yet.  When we stepped into the main hall – unbelieveable.  By far the most impressive building, and religious art we have seen through all of Turkey.

We were convinced Peter should come and visit in the afternoon and bring Daniel with him if Daniel was up to it.  Unfortunately Daniel wasn’t, but Pete did make this his afternoon plans.

Our afternoon plans – after resting for a while the girls and I went shopping – leaving the boys at our motel.  Our shopping list consisted of a scarf or two, maybe some jewellery and an outfit or two for Jess, jeans for Nomi and something for me.  We found a good half from our list…. We were very impressed with prices which of course makes it more fun.  Tomorrow we shop for the scarves and jewellery!

We went out for dinner – tried a new restaurant and I ate what I think was one of the tastiest meals I have had so far.  It was so tasty I am sure it had veggimite in the gravy!  But maybe not!!

But small world that we live in – across the way from us at dinner sat another Aussie couple – we got to talking.  They are going to Gallipoli and then going onto the Olympics to watch their daughter in synchronised swimming.  But as we talked we found that some of their oldest friends are family friends of Peter’s family from their home town of Theodore – and then we found that this man had visited Kununurra for work many times, we knew the same people.  But then we find out that their son is married to the sister of one of our dear friends in Dalby, Qld.  Amazing.