Meeting the Locals for Lunch at Cappadocia

One of the highlights for me today was lunch in the home of a local Turkish family.  We were graciously received in their courtyard where they had a long low table set with stools for us to sit.  We greeted them with an effort of Turkish and sat down.  They didn’t interact with us much which was a bit disappointing – our guide enjoyed their company and we felt it a bit rude to continue having a second conversation while they talked so we just listened.

The menu was

  1.  Pastry sticks filled with a cheese, dolmolades, and a thick tomato dip
  2. Tomato soup with grated cheese
  3. Pasta in a yoghurt sauce with a thin mince/tomato sauce on the top
  4. Stuffed Eggplant and rice
  5. Poppy cake with 2 icecreams – lemon and sour cherry

I am sorry I can’t remember the Turkish names for these dishes.  They were all very delicious.  My favourites were the pasta and the dessert.

The girls and I were sent in to help with the tea.  But it was all a ruse to get me dressed up in traditional gear.   I then helped serve the tea – everyone had moved down to a ‘lounge room’ which was set up on the other end of the courtyard – small mattress type mats on the ground around a carpet with thick cushions leaning on the walls for back support .  Everyone took  off shoes to either go in the house or on the carpet.  Once everyone had their tea I sat down and enjoyed my tea dressed as the other ladies.

We had a little conversation and 2-3 rounds of tea before it was time to go.  When I went back into to take my traditional gear off one of the ladies followed me in and gave me a gift of a head scarf.

It was a very special part of our day.

(and as far as photos go of the food – they are coming!)


5 thoughts on “Meeting the Locals for Lunch at Cappadocia

    • Ha! I noticed the contrast between Josh and myself too. Read my comment to Jessica above – about me bringing some of these pants home.

    • Thank you Jessica – you are very sweet to say so. It was a lot of fun – in a sense the clothing made a connection with the ladies – it built a bridge across the culture – we were just ladies having fun!! I really liked the pants and want to get some to take home – they look like a skirt and yet when you sit they act like pants. The simplest of patterns but I’m not sure I’m confident enough with my sewing just to give it a go so to take a pair home would be nice.

  1. Hi Belinda,
    Another day of school = another few blog posts to read with the kids!
    The girls were stunned at how much you changed when you put the traditional clothes on. Your olive skin made you fit right in, so much so that Ariya thought you were the woman on the right of the photo!

    Ariya says “I can’t wait to see the scarf they gave you when you get home, love from Ariya.”

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