Caves in a old Church

The best thing for me today was a cave within a cave.  We were above Red Valley, Cappadocia.  I asked Josh to help me up to a door that I found but he said he didn’t like the way up – it didn’t look safe.  So I went and looked for a back door I found it around he bend.  When I got into the cave there was an unexpected view of fairy chimneys, plants and mountains beyond.  Nomi and Jess climbed in after me and I went into a small tunnel which led to a drop off edge.  I saw the same view as before.  I think this cave was a house for monks who went to a church next to it.  I think this because there were no paintings on the walls which is what we saw in other church caves.  I went back to the main cave and I found some stairs – I went up and found myself looking at 2 small holes in the ground.  I turned to leave but I saw a ladder leading to another cave above it.  I went back to the main cave to look for other things I hadn’t seen yet –  I saw another ladder that led to a room above.  I went back to the room with the two hole s in the ground with Nomi.  We climbed up the ladder and found ourselves in a room with two windows – one was half blocked up and the other one was like a ledge window – we lent out the window and waved to mum below.   We both turned around and saw another hole in the ground – which was the hole I had seen when I was in  the main cave, which was the level below.   We then climbed down, Dad took more photos and we left.

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About Daniel M. Letchford

I have brown hair, brown eyes. My favorite color is black. I am cheeky and sometimes weird. I like to make movies, books, and woodwork. I am working towards to becoming a writer. I also like reading DC and Marvel Comic books. Favorite Band: Newsboys! They rock! Favorite person: JESUS! Favorite Movie: Star Wars, Marvel movie's (aka: Spider Man, Iron Man 1) Doctor Who

6 thoughts on “Caves in a old Church

  1. What an amazing place Daniel – I imagine you could explore there for hours. I was trying to imagine how they got their beds up there but guess they slept on mats of some kind. You must be having such a great time.

  2. Grandma is worried you’ll get lost in those caves, Daniel – and don’t fall down from those windows.

  3. Hi Daniel, A great report! I read it to my girls and they loved it.

    Marisah says “Why did Auntie Belinda not go up?”

    Ariya says “I would like to go and see the caves too. It sounded like an adventure”

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