In Singapore

We are now currently alive. So, so far so good.


It was a great time, although we were all slightly crook in the head (some much more than others) and of course four out of five of us had never been out of Australia, and only one of the six of us actually had done this sort of thing a hundred times, so- thank goodness for you Dad.

Singapore was absolutely lovely, it was really enjoyable and the people there were either a) friendly or b) very friendly. What I found made it so enjoyable was a) it was all so clean!! You could see an occasional cleaner here and there but other than them you had to wonder how nearly every corner and pavement knew no litter or rubbish. The gardens all over the city were well groomed and colourful. Colour was everywhere, even at night it was not at all dull. I thought during our departure from Darwin that Darwin was bright with lights at night. But Singapore overshone Darwin on that score by far (excuse the pun). I mean, check it out! No joke when I say Singaporians even have lights on their kites!!

Singapore highlight for me: the Singapore Zoo

Singapore ‘lowlight’ for me: Forgetting my passport in the airport bathrooms –whaaat a waaay to start your first overseas adventure. Bleghgkk. (And I now thoroughly believe that waiting until your way, way older until you have your first heart attack is much better than having it young.)

But, I totally  don’t want to talk about that, so lets stick with the Zoo part. ‘Cause everyone loves the Zoo. We did.

My three favourite animals that I saw in the whooooole Zoo I think would be the otters, the white tiger, and the chimps. The otters were so wonderful and adorable; they loved the attention and were continually doing backflips into the water just for the gathered audience. They were the cutest ever –I’ve loved otters for ages (when I was little my friends and I would pretend to be otters when we went to the pool) but I had never actually seen one real. I ended up just sticking with taking a few recordings of them because they moved so fast and I couldn’t for the life of me get a still shot of them diving and being adorable. (I think I only took one good one.)

click on photos for a bigger photo…

The white tiger was amazing. He was so stunning! He (well I assume he was a he) was continually pacing up and down one rock ledge, even though he had a large pen (with very snazzy interior decorating too) and just watched us the whole time as we took photos. I never ever knew how HUGE their paws were!!

And the chimps were such characters. I couldn’t stop laughing. The adult ones were actually pretty boring I’ll admit, but the juniors were such jokers! I was continuously watching two especially –one was a really tiny little fellow, who was just too darn adorable. Another was slightly older and was always and always swinging on a rope-like palm branch back and forth. And then he’d fall crashing down, meander or scramble back up again, and either strike a pose or get right back into swinging.

Singapore Zoo is known world wide as one of the largest and most visited Zoo’s in the world. And I can see why. It was a supercalafragalisticesyaladosious time. I saw animals at the Zoo that I never thought I’d see until I actually went to their home country. I think my jaw seriously dropped on several occasions without me realising until faithful sister commented with a laugh. SO MANY AWESOME ANIMALS.

All in all, an awesome time with an awesome family.

…And now to Istanbul.


6 thoughts on “In Singapore

  1. Awesome animals Nomi – but talk about heart attacks – I’m still recuperating after reading that comment about the passport. H’amG

  2. So glad you’re alive 😛
    The Singapore Zoo sounds AMAZING. I like otters and chimps and white tigers too! And that is a really good shot of the lions there. I LIKE it!

    Elbows (Hayley)

  3. Sounds like a great start to your holiday – thanks for the post. How was the flight with silk air? Was the hotel ok? The Singapore zoo has been on our list for a while. Great to hear that it is worth keeping it on the list and actually do something about it! I had to chuckle about your passport problem though as I remember doing the exact same thing years ago in a toilet at Changi airport. Thankfully the cleaner spotted it shortly afterwards and chased me down. How did you find yours?
    Roll on Istanbul and another blog!

    • Hi Memock – SilkAir was great. Roomy enough seats, comfortable to recline. individual screens. nice food. but they didn’t wake you up just to serve you which was good. I was impressed as Daniel asked for a chocolate bar (as his mean mother said he had to eat proper food before he could have one!) and they had run out. Later on – hours later – the stewardess came up and said she had found some that had fallen behind and gave him two. That is service.

      Not sure if it was the cleaning lady or someone else who handed in NM passport. We had asked the cleaning lady as she was still there and she knew nothing so probably someone else. Gave Nomi a fright but it all turned out all okay.

  4. Sounds like an amazing place and the zoo especially! 😀
    I loved getting to see the pictures of the animals you talked about. ^_^

    Great job, Nomi! Can’t wait to see and hear more from y’all!

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