Everyone Take a Game

One of the things we’ve done when we’ve travelled within Australia is for everyone to have a game in their backpacks.  Our favourites are

  • Scrabble tiles for an adaption on Scrabble:  Take Two
  • Boggle (takes up a bit of space but we all enjoy it)
  • Rummikub
  • Monopoly Deal
  • Pack of Cards

When travelling by car the kids play these games.  When our flights have been delayed we have found these games to be a lifesaver!  But of course we’ve also enjoyed having these games with us when we arrive at our destination as well.

Two new games I’ll be adding to our collection this time are:

  • Yahtzee Hands Down (card game)
  • Cranium Cards

I have also bought a few Kindle books on Travel games – hopefully we can find a few games more interesting than Grandma Packed her Suitcase and I spy!!


2 thoughts on “Everyone Take a Game

  1. Dutch Blitz is our family’s all-time favorite. Pass the Pigs is a “luck” game more than skill, but small to pack and brings lots of laughs!

    • The kids have played Dutch Blitz and loved it too. I may just surprise them with it in my bag (unless of course they read this blog!!)

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