Technology – Ready to Go

We live in a world where technology is taken for granted.

The internet – though I like to complain about how slow it is in my house – is just there.  Any question I have, I can find the answer to.  Lately we’ve been following the weather patterns in Istanbul and then we checked the weather in Singapore.  Just with a click of a button.  I spent a couple of hours searching images online following our tour in Turkey to give the kids a quick overview of the type of things they’ll be seeing.  Amazing.

Laptops – computers have become smaller, lighter and more mobile making it a good accessory for travel.  Though we intend to keep social media to a minimum, the ability to email family and blog during our travels is something we look forward to.

The Kindle – we all have a Kindle and I love it.  This morning I downloaded a collection of books on subjects connected with our trip:  The Byzantine Empire, Troy, Gallipoli, History of Venice, Biography of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.  Our kindles are filled with titles that are unique for each member of the family.  We love reading while we travel and it would be impossible to carry that many books if they were real paper books.

Cameras – When I was little, even when my kids were little, taking photos was a big deal.  Developing them took time and was expensive.  These days photography is instant and cheap in that you don’t have to print anything out if you don’t want to!  (These days our memories just get lost on your hard drive instead of in the box under your bed!)  We’ve been learning how to take conscious photos – not just randomly clicking.  Each photo though it seems easy to take, takes up memory space on our storage system.

Phones – Where would I be without my phone – it is my calendar, my alarm clock, my reminder notes.  I wonder if I can live 6 weeks without a to-do list?  I hope so.  Looking forward to it!

Ipods/mp3 players – I have no idea how all this technology works – how so much music that used to take up a whole drawer of cassette tapes or CD’s can be stored in such a tiny piece of equipment.  We all enjoy listening to audio stories, sermons or teaching seminars, and music but my concern is – are we so used to having noise in our ears that we are no longer comfortable just with our own thoughts.

All this technology seems to be a given when you pack your bags for a trip these days.  And of course each different device has its own cords and recharging needs!   A few years ago when we travelled across Australia we had a family technology bag – everything was kept in one place.  This time (kids are all a bit older) we each have our own technology bag and everyone will be responsible for keeping things recharged.

Though technology will help make our trip memorable, and in some ways easy, we want to keep our heads in the moment – with family, in amazing places around the world.


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