I’d Prepare Differently Next Time

I can fully understand why it takes people 12 months to put a family trip together.  We haven’t had that time and I am glad we have used a travel agent to help us put everything together but I’d do things differently next time.

I set out to do a lot of the planning ourselves.  Our idea was to get the kids to discover the areas and to see what they really wanted to see.  This proved to be generally overwhelming and the kids were really just excited to go.  To be honest, when I started searching on what to see, what to do, it was overwhelming to me too.  That is when the travel agent got involved!

Now, six months down the track I’ve read lots and it is only now that I feel I could put our trip together – and I would do things differently than the travel agent has planned – and I could excite the kids with the details.  But that has only come after six months of reading myself.  What I would need now, is another six months to involve the kids.  But we leave in just over two weeks!

This has been a lightbulb moment for me in terms of education.  If I want to motivate my kids to learn – I need to be motivated myself.  The best way to encourage them in a subject they are a bit uncertain about is to know the subject and be enthusiastic about it myself.  I know there are times when we learn with our kids (and I was banking on this being such a time) but there are also times when we have to have some direction.

I am glad we have left plenty of free time in our days where we have planned tour or activity and maybe in those moments we can discover some of the things that I have read about – and if not, that is okay, I’m sure our days will be wonderful and full.


One thought on “I’d Prepare Differently Next Time

  1. I agree Mum – I think our trip will be wonderful and full, and we will learn heaps, and heaps of what we want to learn, with what we’ve put together. Thanks for all the work you HAVE put into it; I can’t wait!

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