Our Expectations

I recently flew across Australia giving me the opportunity to sit, waiting, in airport lounges.  You overhear a lot of comments when you just sit quietly.

The first comments I heard were from some older folk who were just passing through our home town.  As they waited for their journey to continue they sat in our new airport terminal remembering what it used to be like – a shed is how they remembered.  They remembered arriving and thinking “oh no, what do we have here?”  They were pleased to see that things had changed.

I couldn’t decide whether to be indignant at their attitude towards our past, or be proud that we are growing.

But it made me wonder at the expectations we have when we travel.  It reminded me of something Brian said in his blog post here, that if we aren’t prepared for things to be different why travel.  A good point.  If you aren’t prepared to find a shed in the Kimberley – why travel?  It’s not that sheds at airports are anything that great – it is the adventure of it.

The  real challenge to us is that if we can’t throw ourselves into the different-ness of what we see we will miss the adventure all together.

I’ve been thinking how we can encourage each other as a family to rejoice in the different-ness.  I remember as a teenager my folks went on the Pritiken diet.  Mum would try a new recipe and look for our feedback.  In trying to be kind and encouraging we would label the new dish “interesting” – meaning please don’t ever cook this again!!    I wonder if we can come up with a word that reminds us to rejoice in the differences instead of complain?   I’m thinking on it.


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