17 Do’s and Don’ts of Overseas Travel

A guest post by our friend, Hayley Wilson

To the Adventurous Letchford family,

 Some handy dos and don’ts when travelling overseas:

  1. Bring books – to read on those looooooooooong aeroplane flights and airport stopovers.
  2. Bring card games – and/or a pack of playing cards and learn how to play games like Canasta, 500, May I?, Scramble, etc. (also for the long airport stopovers/times you are waiting). Be sure to keep something handy for recording scores to. See who can get the highest score over the whole trip.
  3. Always drink bottled water (and make sure the seal isn’t broken before you buy it).
  4. Learn a few words of the languages you will encounter (i.e. “Hello,” “Thankyou,” etc). People really appreciate it, and it may even get you out of a sticky situation.
  5. When travelling in third world countries, take toilet paper and be prepared for the worst when using public toilets (Trust me – I know).
  6. Be aware of the basic manners of the country. For example, in Muslim countries it is often not appropriate for women to look men in the eyes. In Thailand it is the height of disrespect to point the sole of your foot at anybody.
  7. Eat lots of Turkish bread (or whatever other yummy cuisine you can find).
  8. Drink lots of Turkish apple tea.
  9. In Muslim countries, don’t wear clothes that show a lot of skin if you are a girl – they see it as immodest (aka. Short shorts & sleeveless or ‘strappy’ tops would probably be seen as inappropriate)
  10. Be prepared for absolutely anything!
  11. Don’t get the flu (it’s no fun to be sick when you are on holidays).
  12. Bring band-aids, pain-killers, safety pins, rubber bands, and a good, long bit of string (they really come in handy sometimes, you know).
  13. Be willing to try new things (but not stupid things!).
  14. Bring spare camera batteries that are charged up (something I often forget to do).
  15. Take lots of photos
  16. Write lots in your journals (and don’t give up after a week or so if the going gets hard).
  17. … And tell us all about it when you get home!

Have a great time!!!!!!

Your friend,


Hi, I’m Hayley. I’m 18 years old and I love history, photography, sewing, music, and reading excellent books. I blog about my life, thoughts, and photos over at thinkybits.

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About Jessica

I grew up and live in north-east Kimberley, Western Australia. I was homeschooled by my two parents with my three siblings. Currently, my interests include playing piano, reading books (okay so more like increasing my 'to-read' pile), digital scrapbooking (three generations are hooked and counting), cooking, movies, swimming, history, social justice, board games, writing, and being with people!

2 thoughts on “17 Do’s and Don’ts of Overseas Travel

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  2. Thanks for being our guest blogger, Hayley! And thanks for the advice; I will definitely add toilet paper, string, bandaids and panadol to the packing list. 😉 And where’s that Turkish/English word dictionary gone…

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