Learning to Journal

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One of the things we want to do while we are away is for each person to keep their own journal.  To this end we have all chosen the type of notebook we want to have as our journal – nothing fancy – but everyone did have their own preference.

Everyone in our family enjoys writing in some way so the preparation for this aspect hasn’t been very hard though we have had a quick lesson on ‘journaling’.  Journaling is generally seen to be different than keeping a diary in that it not only records the happening of the day (such as a diary does) but it reflects thoughts and feelings as well, with the idea of learning and growing.

The challenge I’m putting out there to my family is to be more reflective in their journal than simply saying this is what we did and this is what I saw.  I would like them to think about things, to make connections with prior knowledge or beliefs, to be curious and ask questions.  I want them to be creative and respond to the world around them.

To help us all have some variety to our journaling I have made a prompt sheet that I will tape in the front of each journal.    Some of the prompts I’ve listed are

  • What did you see, smell, hear, touch and taste today?
  • What made you laugh?
  • Is there something that you wished you saw today?
  • What does God have to say about the things you saw today?
  • What made you think?
  • What character trait did you see exemplified today?

The key to keeping a good journal is to write every day.  We have no idea what travelling and sightseeing will be like for a family of six, for six weeks but we’ll give it a shot!


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