Learning Before, During and After

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One of the truths that we have established in our family is that learning happens wherever you are and whatever you are doing.  Life brings us opportunities to either learn something new or to practice what we already know – be it issues of character, intellectual knowledge or practical life skills.  To this end our trip will give us plenty of learning opportunities.

Since the beginning of the year we have been looking at the history and geography of the countries we plan to visit.  My heart is that each of my children will be excited to see something that they have read about and to understand the stories behind what they are seeing.  Of course, we won’t know it all – I hope we never think we do – but between all of us we should know different things and be able to shed light on what we see along the way.    I hope that our reading and discussions will spark the imagination and interest and yet keep a curiosity that will maintain an enthusiasm for when we are actually there.

In preparation for our time away we have been learning how to take better photos and I hope to look at how to write better journals.  My plan is that we will all take photos and write in a journal.  Each day one of us will share their journal and photos on this blog.

When we get home everyone will produce their own photo album which will be a culmination of their journal and photos though we will also be able to add further research if we want to.   I look forward to these albums – each album will be different because each one of us will see the world differently.

From an educational perspective the children will be learning so much (so too will Peter and I!!)  We will learn about different cultures and religions, history, science, geography, art.  We will taste different foods, see different architecture and lifestyles.   We will learn to take photos to tell a story (art), we will learn to express our thoughts and feelings in our journal (Language arts).  We will deal with money, distance, time, weights as we travel (math).  We will be tested in our character as we live in close quarters, and have long days and maybe do things outside of our comfort zone.

What a joy to be able to do this with my whole family.


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