Our Itinerary

Though we are still tweaking some of the details we have settled on our main destinations.  (live map so you can see closer)

We leave here on the 13th July – drive to Darwin

Fly to Singapore

And then onto Turkey.  From Istanbul  we will take a tour around through the center and back up to Istanbul again.  Some of the highlights there for us will be Ephesus, Cappadocia, and Gallipoli.

Then onto Italy – Rome, Florence and Venice (maybe with a dog-leg tour to some other place)

Then onto Switzerland.  We are not so much touring around there but rather taking a scenic train and then staying put for a few days near Mt Titlis.

We return late August.

One of the biggest truths we’ve had to accept is that we won’t be able to see everything.  The world is too big and too interesting for that to happen in 6 weeks.  We narrowed our choices down to Turkey and Italy mainly for the sake of history and art.  We chose Switzerland so we could see a part of God’s creation that is so vastly different than the corner we live in.

We are trying to balance the interests of every family member with the idea that maybe we could discover things we simply don’t yet know exist.  We need to balance the needs of each member as well – some could look at and talk about history for days…. others need variety!  We have different levels of fitness and abilities.  Working together, giving and taking will be a part of travelling together – but it is a part of the planning stages too!

Tolerance: Accepting others who differ from myself

this will be one of the character traits we will need to be aware of as we spend time together as a family.


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