Which Way to Go?

invitation to the kids to join us for a planning day

We have dreamed, hoped, planned to be able to take our family overseas on a learning adventure for many many years.  The time has finally come.

On Christmas Day part of our gift to the children was to tell them of our plan and to invite them to join in with planning where we go and what we see.

We set aside a day to talk and dream.  We had asked the kids a few years back where they would like to go and the general consensus was Turkey and Italy but when we asked them this year they all said England.  All of them!!!  They then asked me where I’d like to go and I said, Turkey and Italy (since that is where my heart had been thinking for some time) and they all responded – “Oh, yes, let’s go there” and on they prattled about why they would like to go there.

Of course cost is always a factor and we discussed that everything was in dreaming stage until we received a quote.  In the meantime we needed to know what type of thing did we think Turkey, Italy and even England had that we would be interested in.  Historical ruins and art where our strongest themes until Grandad reminded us that we were very focused on man’s creation and he was surprised we were ignoring God’s creation.  We took that on board and have since tried to balance both.

  • Passports are in order
  • Air tickets are booked
  • Accommodation booked
  • Tours are booked
  • And we now have 50 days for the finer details!

This is a family blog, where each one will contribute  every so often (especially once we get travelling) so we hope you’ll join us on our learning adventure.


3 thoughts on “Which Way to Go?

  1. To blog each day is some pressure to put on yourselves when on holiday…. oh wait sorry – it isn’t one! Well just to put some more pressure on, the kids and I are going to set aside a time each day when we check in on your blog and learn right alongside you. Have a great time!

    • Well, it may not happen – every day – you may have to have some catch up days!! We’ll see how we go.

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